10 Things You Need for Credibility [Your Kit]

Positioning yourself as credible when approaching private lenders is the best way you can start a solid relationship with them.

Creating a credibility kit is a great way to jumpstart a relationship with a new potential lender.

So, what is a credibility kit?

According to FortuneBuilders, a credibility kit is essentially an investor tool used to legitimize themselves and their services to others. In its simplest form, a real estate investor credibility package is a multi-page marketing brochure about your business and the services that you offer, including how you differ from the competition.

Although generally geared toward private money lenders that may be interested in financing your investment deals, a real estate investor credibility package can ultimately be used by sellers and buyers to establish credence in their business. If for nothing else, a credibility packet can help to differentiate you from other investors and real estate professionals.When trying to get a job you bring in your resume to establish worth and qualifications. It’s the same approach when asking for a loan from a lender. A credibility kit not only makes a lasting first impression; it sets you apart from the competition.

There’s 10 essential items to include in this kit so that you go into that meeting or call with full confidence. We’ve got you covered.


What’s Your Story?

After you’ve created a cover page and a table of contents, share your story. What got you to this place? Sharing your story or facts about yourself is the easiest and fastest way to connect with someone. It’s a good idea to start this kit with a personal bio outlying who you are and where you’ve been.

Add some photos! Including some family photos will help you stand out. People easily connect more to visuals than words on paper. By adding photos the lender won’t just see you as someone requesting their money, they’ll see you as a person and that gives you an edge.

Any Degrees on the Wall?

Everything that has brought you knowledge and value needs to be listed here. Any formal and informal education you’ve received should be known in this section. Brag all you can here. Make sure to include evidence, for example, pictures of certificates or degrees. Be proud of what you’ve worked hard for and allow that education to give you a leg up on the competition.

This also includes real estate memberships or associations you’ve been apart of. Those are wonderful resources that have widen your range of knowledge in the industry. They also have allowed you to network and may be the reason you’re contacting this lender in the first place.

Do You Have a Team?

Do you have a team that you work with on your projects? If you have reliable partners then show who they are here. You can include everything from your real estate, contracting, legal, and financial teams. Many people are usually involved in a successful deal, and if you have trustworthy people you work with make sure to show them off here.

Show Your Credit Report

Are you in good standing? By showing your credit report you’re saying you have nothing to hide. You’re going to want to include the background, credit score, credit analysis, payment history, credit accounts, and credit usage. There are many factors in this section, but the more that’s shown the bigger rapport you’re creating with the lender for personal financial stability.

What Are You Proud of?

Have you gotten an award for volunteering or from a hobby you’re pursuing? If so, put it here. Showing the awards you’ve gotten states that outside of this real estate passion, you’ve also accomplished different feats.

You can break up accomplishments by non-real estate and real estate. For ideas, it could be an educational or physical accomplishment. Regarding real estate, list statistical numbers  of what you’ve done that you’re proud of.

If you have relevant past experience, that’s a bonus. Did you work in construction or work for a contractor in the past? The more experience that pertains to real estate the better!

Don’t Leave Out the Important Docs

The Articles of Incorporation is an important document you would of obtained during filing as a business entity. If you have it, it should be included in the kit. This separates you from investors who have not done this and provides different options and benefits the lender should be aware of.

Do You Have a Safety Net?

In order for you and the lender to be protected you will need a general liability insurance policy. If you do not have this it’s highly likely the lender will not engage in pursuing the deal. Including a copy of the document in the credibility kit is critical.

Is Realtor in Your Title?

This isn’t a requirement to have if you are an investor, but if you do have it include the certificate in the kit. This adds to your toolbelt of knowledge and gives you an edge over other investors. The more you know about the real estate market the better you’ll be off for a successful investing deal.

What Projects Have You Done?

This section is extremely important because it shows the lender directly what you have done. If applicable, include 3 recent projects you have completed. Try to include these facts about the project: address, purchase price, repairs, other expenses, in at, sold for, profit, and hold time. After the facts it’s best to include some before and after photos of the property.

This shows the lender what you’ve done and what you’re capable of. All lenders have their niche of where they like to put their money so by showing past projects, both of you can get on the same page quickly.

Who Has Backed You Up?

Sure, you can brag about yourself all day long, but when it comes from a reference–that’s huge. Aim to have 3 investing, lender, and character references each. Be sure to include their name, relationship, brief bio, and contact number. If you’re not there as far as numbers that’s fine, but try to ask for a reference after each completed project. Having a range of people that can back you and your work does wonders for propelling your career as an investor.

Now What?

Once you put together your credibility kit you’re set to successfully go out and talk to lenders or even sellers. You’ll be prepared, look professional, and have a higher chance of creating great relationships in real estate.


By Doug Smith
Founder of MyHouseDeals, Doug’s investing success allowed him to network with some of the greatest minds in business, and he’s been able to give back by sharing his investing knowledge to aspiring investors. To date, his investing tips and articles have been read by hundreds of thousands of investors. Although an active investor, Doug is most proud that he’s been able to transform people's lives by giving them life-changing advice and access to highly profitable investment opportunities through MyHouseDeals. And that this information has empowered them to make hundreds of thousands of dollars, quit their jobs, and most importantly, enjoy their lives with their friends and family. When he’s not investing in real estate, Doug enjoys traveling, softball, disc golf, and playing the guitar.

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