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Why private lenders don’t answer your calls [3 Mistakes]

The process of trying to get private lenders to return your calls can be extremely frustrating if you aren’t approaching it correctly. This is something we hear a lot in the real estate investing industry—someone gets a hot lead for a potential private lender and then… {{{Crickets}}} There’s actually a few very specific reasons this […]

8 Elements to a Profitable Rental Property—Guide for New Lenders and Investors

Deciding to finance a residential rental property may be stressful for first-time private lenders or investors. There are things to consider when shopping for an income property, and uneducated decisions can wreak havoc on an investor’s returns. Let’s face it—the real estate business is tough! With that said, there are the 8 key elements to […]

The Top 4 Advantages of Private Lending to Real Estate Investors

As markets continue to change, more and more people are turning to alternative investment options. Many investors are seeking opportunities as private lenders because it gives them more control over their investment. A private money lender lends their own capital to a real estate investor who will use it to fund a rehab, construction, or […]